I am a collector of the German 1888 Commission Rifle, Gew 88, Mauser 88 , Kar88, Gew91, the Turkish 88/05/35 & Chinese Hanyang type 88 . I Currently have over 12 Gew 88's with six projects being restored & adding more when possible. The  Gew 88 is a very interesting rifle being Germanys first smokeless rifle designed by Imperial German Commission  which was used into WW1 by Germany  and by others in WW2 but were not front line weapons & can have many Imperial German markings which can be like a road map to when & where this rifle was in service which is quite an adventure in its self.  If you have any comments or suggestions please go to Gew88 forum & post or P.M. me  I would greatly appreciate them. is the only website devoted entirely to the German 1888 Commission Rifle & all accessories.