Welcome To Gew88.com Collectors Forums  Dedicated To The Commission Rifle Commonly Referred To As The Gew88 &  It's Accouterments. There Are Numerous Markings On The Commission Rifle Which Can Be Researched To Find Out Where Your Old Warhorse Has Been, Inside We Will Be Discussing These & Other Items Of Interest. Got A Commission Rifle Or Gew88 Join The Gew88 Collectors Forum. Got A Gew88 Or Parts For Sale Contact Me Or Post In Forum. Current Topic In The Gew88 Collector Forum Is The Gew88 Variants Starting With The Rare Gew88/14 Photo's Included In Collectors Forum With More Gewehr88/14 Photos New Photos Added The Rear Sight & Trigger Guard Will Be Of Special Interest To The Gew88 Collector Also Archived Gew88.com Posts In Gew 88 Collector  Forum.                                   


            The Gew88 Was Germanys First Smokeless Military Rifle The Gew88 Is A Free Floating Barrel Design With A Barrel Shroud Covering The Barrel The Commission Rifle Began Production In 1889 & Was Produced Until !897.

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